Grandmaster Linekin

Master Linekin was awarded his 10th degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate and given the title of Grandmaster by Grandmaster Brian Adams on March 17th, 2011. He is a certified “Just Yell Fire” instructor, a program that teaches young women how to defend themselves in realistic street situations. In addition he is certified by UC San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine in “Tai Chi Movements for Better Balance.”


  • Ching Yi Kung Fu 5th Degree Black Belt – 2016
  • Scientific Kenpo Karate 10th Degree Black Belt – 2011
  • Grandmaster Bok Fu Pa Tai Chi – 1983
  • Grandmaster Scientific Kenpo Karate – 2003
  • Ju Ju Jitsu 9th Degree Black Belt – 1983
  • White Tiger Kung-fu Master – 1975
  • American Kenpo Karate WKKA 6th Black Belt – 1982
  • Daito Ryu Aiki Ju Jitsu 5th Black – 1988
  • Ching Yi Kung Fu 5th Duan – 2016
  • Phan Ku Ju Jitsu 6th Black Belt – 2016
  • Wu Tai Chi Chuan Instructor – 1972
  • Cinco Mano Ascrima Instructor – 2010
  • Certified Cardio Kick Boxing Instructor – 2001
  • Just Yell Fire Women’s Self Defense Instructor – 2010
  • Tai Chi Movements for Better Balance UC San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine – 2016

Additional Training

  • Reiki Practitioner – Level One – 2017
  • Tai Chi: Moving For Better Balance Therapeutic Training – 2016
  • Longfist Kung Fu – 1975
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu – 1968
  • Aikido – 1966
  • Arnis – 1972
  • Shito Ryu Weapons – 1969
  • Iyengar Yoga – 2009

Specialty Instruction

  • Hyatt VI Senior Residence : Senior Tai Chi – 1999
  • Veterans Village Recovery Center : Tai Chi – 2015
  • UCSD Tai Chi Instructor – 1997
  • Scripps Ranch Elder Tai Chi – 2010


  • International Hall of Fame : Inheritor of White Tiger Tai Chi
  • Hall of Fame Grandmaster of the Year 1998 : Martial Arts Masters, Pioneers and Legends

Grandmaster Linekin moved to San Diego at the age of 9 in 1952. He graduated from Point Loma High School Class of 1961 and joined the Army immediately thereafter. He attended jump school and received Paratrooper Wings. He went on to serve in the 101 st Airborne for a year and a half and then was assigned to Everux, France and received an honorable discharge in 1964. Later he attended San Diego City College and spent four years there before transferring to San Diego State College where english was his major. While going to college he felt he was putting on some weight. During the service he remembered observing someone practicing karate at his barracks and it looked like a good way to get in shape and have fun. He went with a friend to Adams Karate. Little did he know this would become his life study.

Brian Adams was one of Ed Parker’s top black belts. Master Linekin was lucky he found Brian Adams. It was by pure chance. One of Mr. Adams’ mottos was, “Respect all arts.” Master Linekin has taken this motto to heart and passes this philosophy on to his students. He has trained and been ranked in many arts and this has enhanced his understanding of the principals and theories that are common within all the arts. Master Linekin studied with Mr. Adams for 14 years, eventually becoming head instructor of his school. Master Linekin established his own school in Ocean Beach in 1974. Since 1992 he has been instructing classes in the Scripps/Mira Mesa area.

Master Linekin first learned Aikido and trained for many years at Brian Adams School from Soke John Damian. He also met Grand Master Doo Wai there in the 60’s. He was awarded the 7th Generation Grandmaster of Doo’s Family White Tiger Tai Chi. Ranked 10 th Dan Chuan Fa, 9 th Dan Ju Ju Jitsu, 8 th Dan Scientific Kenpo Karate, 6 th Dan Ed Parker Kenpo Karate, 5 th Dan Daito Ryu Aiki Ju-Jitsu. He is presently training with Renshi John Clodig who in his opinion is a master of movement. Master Linekin has spent many years training in the Arnis Arts with the likes of Remy Presas and Gilbert Martinez. Master Linekin lives by Ed Parker’s motto “He who dares to teach should never cease to learn.”

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